# If you’re complaining about the cost of fuel and with it the cost of everything else, and you’re looking for a cause of the problem? I would strongly advise you to check out the Biden -Harris bumper sticker on your Prius. You will find that it has sucked all the credibility out of your complaint.

# When people get used to special treatment, actual equal treatment seems like discrimination. And no, those aren’t my words. Those are the words of Dr Thomas Sowell.

# Ponder the implications of this.


Pol Pot.

None of these did their own killing, for the most part. Normal people committed those atrocities for them.

# Maybe the MLB can move its All-Star Game to Beijing.

# Joe Biden flat out lied about Georgia’s election law, a law which should be in all 50 states. By that standard, and by the standard applied to president Trump, why isn’t Joe Biden banned from social media?

# So Bill Gates is considering the idea of blocking some of the sun’s rays to keep us from warming the planet too much. And yet he’s telling us that we should be going to solar power. How does that work?

# I noticed that Democrats are not campaigning for all minorities to get IDs. I mean, if not being able to obtain an ID is a problem, let’s solve that problem, instead of complaining that requiring an ID is worse than Jim Crow.

# Past that I would suggest that voting should be as easy as buying a gun. And that’s giving quite a bit in the compromise, since a vote is by far more deadly, as we are now seeing following the November election.