Sarah Hoyt:

YES, I DO REALIZE THAT THIS IS ZERO HEDGE: New Video Reveals Capitol Police Officer Giving Protesters Permission To Enter Building.

However, this accords with everything we’ve seen of the Glorious Sixth. (Style Sheet, people, discipline. Do not under any circumstances adopt the left’s wording. The 6th were not riots. A forlorn hope, a desperate attempt to make themselves heard, a Glorious bit of American hopefulness, to yell one last time “but it was stolen” and perhaps to get our corrupt institutions to wake up. But riots, they were not. What damage there was seems to have been the work of tyros. And honestly I wouldn’t have held a little damage against them. Not with what the left has been and is doing. But nothing was set on fire, and the only one killed was poor Ashli Babbit [#Sayhername; #justiceforAshliBabbit.])

Indeed so.

And look …before I even begin commenting on what Sarah wrote, a prerequisite question:

Can anybody remember the last time… If there ever was such a time… that the narrative that the left was spewing was actually true?

Now then, let’s consider the Democrats following the election of Donald Trump:

I’m willing to bet that you never saw this on the mainstream media in the last two years of the Trump presidency. (And don’t for a minute think that Pelosi was alone here. Notice the number of likes which undoubtedly went higher after this capture was taken. (At least, before the post was taken down.)

Notice also, if you please, that the very same people who are telling us now that there is no way that an election could be hacked were in fact telling us all that the election was hacked four years before.

The thing is, this kind of double standard is part and parcel of what the left has been doing all along; For example, Sarah also links the following this morning:

Punching isn’t wrong, for example, depending on who you punch.

Violent protest isn’t wrong, for example, depending on what you protest.

Racism isn’t wrong, for example, depending on who you are racist against.

And our LAWS also seem increasingly to depend on who you are and your group membership or affiliation.
Biden can be an authoritarian *sshat but people WANT THAT. Because it’s not authoritarian, for example, depending on whose rights are being impinged.

Of course, leftist arguments about group identity … And more specifically what constitutes each group… are crucial to their politics, because not only do they get to define the group, but they also get to define the way each group thinks.

Don’t believe me? Look closely at the left and it’s reaction to conservative blacks. The Candace owens, the David Dorns, the Dr Walter Williams’, the Dr. Thomas Sowells, the Justice Clarence Thomas’s and the Candice Owens of the world. Sing it with me, children:

“They are not real blacks.”

Or as Joe Biden put it:

‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black’

Here’s a reminder:

Isn’t leftist group politics fun?

If Hillary Clinton doesn’t win the White House, (by, it should be noted, landside proportions) then the idea that the election was stolen is valid and proper.

Let anyone suggest that Joe Biden’s supposed victory wasn’t legitimate, and that opposition must be silenced, even with deadly force, as Ashli Babbitt found out.

And yes, I’m very much aware that there are establishment Republicans who are mouthing what the Democrats are saying these days about the most recent election. Let’s remember please, that this same group never really supported Ronald Reagan either one of the most wildly popular presidents in American history.


Because the establishment GOP doesn’t believe in being conservative, either.