That’s the question being posed by the New York Times this morning. And indeed, this isn’t the first time that question’s been raised by the little paragraph factory in Queens… Which has forever been the Democrat party propaganda engine. That the Times is even allowing the question to be raised in its offices, even in a whisper is amazing. That it’s allowing these questions to be printed is astounding.  It is a measure of just how bad things have gotten for the Democrats.

Jim Carvile was asking questions like this a month ago and sounding the alarm, but the Democrats haven’t been paying any attention. Bill Maher, too. And amazingly, the New York Daily News,hardly a bastion of right-wing thought, is following suit.

How bad is it? When you see several Oregon counties voting themselves out of the state of Oregon so as to join Idaho, because they’re fed up with leftist politics, you know it’s bad.

Essentially what’s going on here is the Democrat rank and file is slowly figuring out that nobody can save the Democrat party from itself.

People have long since begun to recognize that the Democratic party is out to destroy America. And you know,, what’s interesting, Hillary Clinton was once quoted as saying that you couldn’t be civil with the party that’s trying to destroy America. She was talking about the GOP of course but apparently even rank and file Democrats who are abandoning the party in droves, have figured out that she got that part wrong. Most of these are lifelong Democrats who have finally reached the international “enough” line. But they’re starting to see younger people joining them.

Democrats have been capitalizing on governmental control of schools for decades, to produce aggressively woke kids… Mini Greta Thunbergs, who once they’re out on the street, (and exposed to reality) begin to abandon those cockeyed principles taught them in the government schools and start thinking for the themselves. It’s been happening more and more lately.

The train wreck that the Democrat party is headed for is absolutely monumental. The problem is that through fraud, they have the power of government in their hands and will likely take us down with them, in an effort to save their own skins.