I’m sure there aren’t many of you that have noticed, but NBC has canceled the Golden Globes this year… And there’s no indication that they’re planning on doing anything for next year, either. The problems? Useless Toady explains:

The network’s decision comes after an array of top-flight film and TV companies, including Netflix, Amazon and WarnerMedia, distanced themselves from the HFPA and the Globes in recent days. The HFPA has not said whether it will try to hold a Globes ceremony next year.

The 87-member group, made up of critics for overseas media outlets, has been engulfed by issues ranging from preferential treatment sought by its members to lack of racial representation in its ranks, which included no Black members, according to a Los Angeles Times investigation this year.

So in other words what we have is another pretentious left-leaning show falling victim to the left and it’s cancel culture.

Let’s make sure we understand this… a group of foreign press is not racially diverse enough for these idiots?

In short, what we have here is the left eating its own, a phenomena I’ve mentioned many times here over the years.

In so many ways, the left is like a school of piranha. They completely devour what they were originally going after they start eating each other. The Golden globe ceremony is apparently a case in point.

As to whether or not they’re going to start this nonsense up again next year, I suppose the real question is just anybody really care?