Got this in my feed this morning from Facebook from one of the moderators of a group that I follow which shall remain nameless.

Keep in mind this report of his is hardly unique.

So I was informed just a few minutes ago by our Facebook folks that a meme titled ‘suicide watch’ (a Hillary supporter with a noose around their neck standing on a chair while a MAGA hat wearing guy sat on another chair with a box of popcorn) I shared immediately after the 2016 presidential election “had to be removed” because “there are certain kinds of posts about suicide or self-injury that we don’t allow on Facebook”

And then added “If you’re going through a difficult time, we want to share ways you can find support.” Hate to think there may be people posting about committing suicide and they are reaching out over four years after the actual post.

That last part is certainly a reasonable objection, if you take Facebook at its claims about wanting to prevent suicide as being the real motivation here.

But given what we’ve seen out of the fact checkers etc, it’s not hard to see through the ruse.

This goes well beyond the Hitlerite book burning that we’ve been seeing out of Facebook for the last few years.

They are now down to going back through their databases and on any possible pretext, believable or not, bent on removing any evidence that there was ever any objection to the left.

This is tantamount to rewriting history. And guess who that rewrite benefits?