# If something is a good idea it doesn’t need governmental involvement to make it happen. In fact, governmental involvement is probably the biggest indication that it’s a bad idea

# All cultures are not equal. The wild unbridled success of America for its first 200 years was directly caused by the superiority of the American culture which was based on freedom and individualism. The degree to which we’ve run into difficulties both domestically and in the World at Large the last 30 or 40 years is directly linked to our turning away from that premise… EG, multiculturalism.

# Every culture in history has a religion atits philosophical root.. The most successful cultures in history have had the today of Christian ethic as their philosophical root. America could not have been created with Islam, atheism, or any of the pantheistic religions as their root. Again, the degree to which we have gotten into problems is directly linked to our abandonment of that premise.

# 1984 and Animal Farm were written as warnings, not instruction manuals.

# Global warming global cooling Climate change… particularly man-made climate change is the largest hoax ever perpetrated on the world, and it is perpetrated by those who wish to rule the world.

# China is not our friend.

# Every time we’ve demanded government do something about lowering healthcare costs, the costs have gone up in direct proportion to the amount of governmental involvement. Lowering healthcare costs is simple. It’s not complex at all…get government out of healthcare entirely.

# Everything you have, absolutely everything was brought to you by either a train or a truck, most likely a truck, both of which are fueled by fossil fuels. Most of the items in your home were created with fossil fuels.Limiting the supply of fossil fuels is limiting America. And that’s what that’s always been about… that’s always been the intent. Remember the people who are trying to limit our access to fossil fuels are also the people that have been telling us that America was never that great to begin with.

# What monopolies have existed in our country over its history were created by government that situation is still true today

# Amtrak is a primary example of how insidious government is. At one time there was a marginally profitable passenger railroad industry in this country, an industry that would exist today absent the over-regulation the over unionization of it. Those factors bankrupted the passenger railroad industry… so the government stepped in with Amtrak which hasn’t made dime one since day one, and is constantly a drain on taxpayer money for an extreme subset of the American people to use.

# The same thing is happening to the automobile industry, the healthcare industry, the oil industry, the energy sector as a whole… in fact, with governments taking over power companies over regulating oil and gas and essentially regulating the automobile business out of business. And of course, the banking business. The bailout of all of those industries by government was the first step toward converting them from private sector entities to government entities

# The 2020 election was stolen. Vote fraud was far more rampant than we are being allowed to say

# The mainstream press is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic party and is it’s propaganda arm, nothing more, and nothing less.l

# Epstein and Scalia didn’t kill themselves.

# Just because someone has the power of government in their hands … However they managed to get it… does not of itself make that individual a public servant. Indeed, some of the best examples of public servitude in human history never were a part of the government. What is a public servant, is when one actually serves the interests of the public. And the thing is, often is not, such a person is known for fighting against the government.