It’s over, and unsurprisingly de Blasio lost.

And already there’s leftists making a lot of noise about “stopping the steal”. And I’ll bet they’re still unwilling to accept the idea that Trump actually won.

But, I mean, I guess that’s okay now, to say “The election was stolen” now that the left is doing it in New York City. But I wonder how they’re getting by with it, even amongst their own.

Think about it, here. Can you imagine a year ago, or even 6 months ago, a large group of far leftist Democrat party wonks complaining about the election of a black mayor in New York City?

And before you start on me, yes I know it’s only the primary. But when’s the last time we actually saw a republican, even in name only, running for the spot? Effectively, as Tucker Carlson said the other day, the Democrat primary is the mayoral election.

Of course, now, if the Democrats so annoyed about Eric Adams moving into Gracie Mansion were to start considering the possibility of electing a Republican…

Nah. I can’t see it either.

And let’s for the sake of discussion suggest that it’s possible that there was some dastardly deeds at the New York City board of elections which caused de Blasio to lose. If we are to take the most recent presidential election as stolen by similar means, might we take de Blasio’s loss as an indication that the powers that be within the Democrat party who actually runs the board of elections in New York City by the way, decided that de Blasio would lose in the general election?

It’s all very well to be claiming outside interests in the New York Post for de Blasio’s lost. But what if it was the actual voters? Is it a sign that the Democratic party has overreached to the left?