There is nothing in any of the founding documents of this country, or for that matter any Western culture that I’m aware of that prohibits somebody from believing themselves to be capable of the duties of a fireman if they are a quadriplegic. Similarly, however, there is nothing that requires me to accept that fantasy as reality. Or is there?

Let’s consider the case of Doctor Levine…

..(yeah, that guy….and for the record, he calls himself Rachel)..who is now a member of our federal government and it was making medical decisions for the rest of us. (Assistant Secretary of Health I do believe.,) He is in fact an obese middle-aged male who inexplicably believes himself a female. He also considers himself to be an expert on mental disorders and particularly food disorders…. Which explains him pulling 300 lb at a minimum, I suppose.

And we are now being called upon by our government to accept these fantasies as reality, all in the name of “inclusiveness” .

Then we have the one where the guy is trying to breastfeed his daughter. No, I’m not kidding.

Then we have certain Democratic party members of the House of Representatives who claim Islam as their philosophical basis for everything, which in turn means burning down the United States of America, despite their swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Again, this is done and me Spirit of inclusiveness we are told.

Keep in mind, now, that these same people who find no problem with those first two examples, also hold George Floyd and Trayvon Martin among others to be some sort of folk heroes instead of the criminals that they were. Again, in the name of inclusiveness. And have you noticed that the story of the mural of George Floyd being destroyed by the lightning is being suppressed? Not here.

In any event…We have now progressed to the point where all of these fantasies are being reinforced with the power of law and the government.

You will oooh and aaaah over the emperor’s new clothes, or we’ll put you in jail. (I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if, somewhere in Washington in a file cabinet someplace there’s a folder with my name on it.)

Okay, I admit it, I have hit you with one absurdity after another, here. But now here’s the question: at what point did we make the transition to madness?

Our country, indeed, all of Western culture, has certain ideas, a certain way of thinking at its root. What runs afoul of that set of values, that way of thinking, those ideas is poisonous to the culture. And we are now to the point where government is distributing that poison.

How much cyanide would you like in your beer? Don’t worry, it’s mostly beer.