So now that we know that the Obama administration was doing this kind of research under the cover if you will, we now understand why the Biden administration is going to the wall defending Anthony Fauci instead of pushing him under the bus like they have so many others.

Fauci understands this… And he knows that Rand Paul has him backed into a corner.


“Dr. Fauci, as you are aware it is a crime to lie to Congress,” Paul began during the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions hearing Tuesday, reminding Fauci of his previous remarks to the committee on May 11th, during which the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director stated that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“And yet, gain-of-function research was done entirely in the Wuhan Institute … and was funded by the NIH,” Paul said, citing Wuhan Virology paper entitled, “Discovery of a Rich Gene Pool of Bat SARS-Related Coronaviruses.”

“In this paper … she credits the NIH and lists the actual number of the grant that she was given by the NIH,” Paul said. “In this paper, she took two bat coronavirus genes, spiked genes, and combined them with a SARS-related backbone to create new viruses that are not found in nature.”

These lab-created viruses within to shown to replicate in humans. These experiments combine genetic information from different coronaviruses that infect animals but not humans to create novel artificial viruses able to infect human cells. Viruses that in nature, only infect animals were manipulated in the Wuhan lab to gain the function of infecting humans. This research fits the definition of the research that the NIH said was subject to the pause in 2014 to 2017 — a pause in funding on gain of function. But the NIH failed to recognize this, defines in a way, and it never came under any scrutiny.

Obviously it didn’t come under any scrutiny because it was occurring in China which gives the politicos plausible deniability… And a definite advantage over doing such research in, say, Florida.

The deep State and the Democrats worked together with their brothers in China to release this on the American public, for the purpose of overcoming a common enemy… Donald John Trump.

“America first” policies were hurting both the Chinese and the Democrats, and the only possible response at that point was to release the kraken. Remember, we have Dr Fauci on record, three days after the election of Donald Trump saying that Trump was going to face a pandemic. Now… how would Dr Fauci know about that do you suppose?

The most obvious answer to that question is it was always in the plan.

There are no other conclusions that fit the available evidence. So absent other evidence coming forward, credible evidence, it’s time to start seeing some jail time imposed on the animals that brought this on the world.

And I’m not just talking about people like Fauci, I’m talking about people who are directing that operation. Fauci doesn’t seem to me to be the type that would take such actions on his own. This was a directed operation.

Directed by whom? Well that’s relatively simple to make a guess at… Who would gain by such an operation?

People, we’re getting close to something here… And there’s a lot of people getting very, very nervous.

And I’ll get out in front of this thing. Dr Fauci didn’t kill himself.

Update: Rand Paul says he is requesting a criminal referral against Anthony Fauci.