A complaint from the anti-self-scanning department. They like the lower prices, or they wouldn’t be shopping there …and they certainly wouldn’t take the time to take a picture. One really must Wonder however, if they would still be shopping there if they actually had to pay the additional costs involved for hiring somebody that still for the life of them can’t count the change.

This little absurdity is brought to you by the same folks who inexplicably believe that the primary goal of a company of any sort is to provide jobs.

The reality of course is that the primary goal of a company is to provide profits to it’s shareholders… and jobs is a happy by-product of that goal.

The best way, therefore we can provide jobs is to get government to stay out of the way of business. That’s never going to happen with Democrats having the reins of power in their hands.

Face it, folks… the reason these self-checkout kiosks exist is because the wage demands are too high. They’ve priced themselves out of a free market.

Of course the government paying people to sit on their backside doesn’t help matters much, either.