Forwarded from a reader this morning;

My good friend, retired Buffalo Police officer Joe Lynch wrote this. It is echoed throughout the state by every Law Enforcement officer from every department. ……………………………………………

Joe Lynch
“Another horrific crime weekend in the City of Buffalo. 21 people were shot, including a 3 year old child watching fireworks. Shootings are up 89% in the city for the year. What has been done? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

But after this scary weekend, the politicians are in an uproar. The Mayor was out and the potential mayor was out. They were marching in the Donovan Drive projects. They are all mad now.

The governor was on the TV ranting and willing to throw millions of dollars at the problem.

This is why politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often and for the same reason.

Cuomo is infuriated and rightfully so. However, someone needs to remind the governor that it is new laws that he and the liberals have been passing for the last 4 years.

Politicians want to know why no one will come forward and be a witness to these horrific crimes. I’ll tell them why. Your revolving door criminal justice system is to blame, among other things.

With the criminal justice reform, the defense has to be told the names and addresses of all witnesses against the defendant within 15 days. So I witness the shooting of a 3 year old. I speak with the police who arrest the criminal. Now my name and address is supplied to the scumbag shooter. I wonder what the chances that the scumbag will come after me. I would imagine they are pretty high. So why would I come forward? So I can be the next shooting victim? Great job looking out for the law abiding.
And all the other politicians stand around pleased with these asinine laws protecting the criminal. Yes, great job politicians. Pat yourselves on the back for protecting the criminals.
Criminal justice reform, Raise the Age, Bail reform and defund the police. All great liberal slogans but what have they done to enhance the safety of the law abiding citizens. Nothing.
I have an idea. Get arrested with a gun, get a ten year mandatory jail sentence. That my solve part of the problem. I could rant longer, but I won’t. Politicians need to take their heads out of their asses and look around.”