Several people here in the states, (including, I believe, the governor of Texas) have suggested that there would be a full-scale rebellion if the supposed authorities push this covid thing too far.

And here goes your proof…

Despite the vast levels of militarised repression used against the Yellow Vests, not to speak of the relentless propaganda in the mass media, the movement never abandoned the struggle.

Only the “emergency” of the Covid crisis pushed it, more or less, off the streets.

Yeah well about that, I suggested over a year ago that part of the reason they pushed this business so hard was to keep people from talking together. People who feel isolated are easier to control.

That said however here’s the point of this post…

But now, with the announcement that vaccine passports will be required for cafés, restaurants, leisure centres, shopping malls and trains, something seems to have snapped.

Even the jab itself is not really the issue any more, with those who have already had it joining in the protests against the totalitarian laws due to come into place on August 1.

I was impressed by the turn-out for the emergency protest in Montpellier on Wednesday July 14, but Saturday’s numbers were on a completely different scale.

Even the authorities at the Préfecture admitted that there were 5,000 on the streets on a hot Mediterranean afternoon.

The crowd represented a very wide cross-section of the local population. The Gilets Jaunes had already started this process of breaking down the old “left” and “right” political divisions in favour of a broad popular struggle against the power elite.

But the process has now clearly gone a step further, with a new mood of defiant unity that must be striking fear into the hearts of Macron and his cronies, not to speak of Klaus Schwab and the global string-pullers.

The resistance hasn’t even started yet here in the US, which says nothing about the rising anger over the vote fraud that we were all witness to. And believe me when I tell you it’s all part and parcel of the same thing.

What’s really going to push this Boulder down the hill is one Arizona flips it’s election results based on the audit now I’m going.

trust me when I tell you this stuff will happen