Rush Limbaugh had his 35 undeniable truths. In that Spirit then I offer the following list:

# Even an ostensibly marginal interest in a particular realm by the government, means that eventually the government will take over that realm. Take as an example, healthcare. At the leading edge of Hillary care and ever since I have been arguing that when government takes over health care every healthcare decision will be a political decision not a healthcare decision. We’ve already started to see proof of that.

Other examples of this include transportation, the automobile industry, the railroads, the airlines, education.  Of these, the worst thing we have ever done is turn the education of our young over to the government. Does anybody truly believe then an education bought and paid for by government and directed by government is going to properly teach minds full of mush about the founders concept of limited government? If you don’t think that what gets taught our children has become a political decision, witness the idea that Johnny knows all about global warming, and knows all about critical race theory, but couldn’t balance a checkbook of his life depended on it, and doesn’t have a clue about what the Constitution actually says.

# Every monopoly in history was created, and maintained by government fiat. Almost invariably, campaign contributions were involved.

# Rights are not granted by government. They are granted by a power higher than government. When rights are taken away, usurped, that is a crime committed by government, almost invariably in the name of helping you.

# The concept of civilized warfare is a fantasy. There is no such animal. War, is the absence of rules. The trick here is that those who win the war get to make the rules.

# Peace is not an absence of war. Nor is peace guaranteed by grabbing hands around the campfire and singing “kumbaya” . Peace is secured through the ability to Pound The living snot out of anyone who dares to break the peace… To the point where nobody will dare try it because there isn’t anything to be gained by it.

# The law is not the final arbiter of right and wrong. There are unjust laws and there are immoral laws.

# The primary and just purpose of government should be to support reinforce and if possible extend the influence of the culture that gave it life. At a minimum, the laws that a government enforces should not run afoul of that culture.

# All cultures are not equal with each other. Some cultures are more valid than others, particularly where freedom of the individual is concerned.

# Irrespective of what color you are, you are the one primarily responsible for your position in life and in the world. By the same token, your being poor is not the fault of the rich, no matter what mega -morons like Bernie Sanders will tell you.

# When government grows, freedom shrinks. That’s always been the formula and always will be

# America, as founded, could never have been created with any of the pantheistic religions, Buddhism, Ba’hai, or Islam,or even atheism as its philosophical center. That’s because the concept of the value of the individual has always been at the root of the judeo-christian ethic, nowhere else.

# There is in fact a God. The difference between God and government is God doesn’t think himself to be government.

# Evolution does not explain creation. The evolution types tell us that it’s impossible for man to have been created over a period of 7 days. Yet, if God is held to be a timeless being, what is a day, within that context?