From The Federalist:

Six Target stores in San Francisco are adjusting their times, opening hours later and closing hours earlier to try to curtail soaring theft.

They join Walgreens, which has closed 17 stores over five years in direct response to criminal activity. Last month, a video went viral of a hooded and masked man riding his bike into a San Francisco branch of the chain, loading a trash bag with merchandise, and riding back out — past a powerless security guard and two others filming on their phones.

Early Monday evening, at least nine men and women smashed cases and stripped shelves in San Francisco’s high-end Neiman Marcus store, fleeing with a fortune in designer handbags. The brazenness is out of control, is goaded on by the normalization of masks, and is directly enabled by district attorneys and other politicians.

The Golden City is joined by nearby Sacramento and Los Angeles, where retail crime has spiked, but across the country as district attorneys from Massachusetts to Missouri to Texas have declared they won’t defend citizens from theft, the story has gone much the same.

While it’s insane that crime is so severe and law enforcement so nonexistent in a prosperous city that businesses must close their doors early or shut them entirely, there’s more in store. Far more ominous than a sign of how bad things have gotten, darkened windows and shuttered doors reveal just how much worse things are going to get.

And get worse it will. There’s no question about that anymore, nor is there any question about it all being by design, by intent. As the article says,

We’ve gone down this path before for virtually the exact same bleeding-heart reasons, and we lived through the tremendous pain of the results.

The results of the Democrat party policies being enacted in these cities have results that are so predictable that even rank and file Democrats are beginning to identify them for the problem causer that they are.

I have said for years now that one cannot possibly be as wrong as the Democrats have been on these matters for so long and so repetitively without two things going for them… Talent, and intent.

They know precisely what they’re doing. Crippling the inner city neighborhoods is precisely what this is all about. They want these neighborhoods crippled. They want the blight on our cities to continue. They want people to suffer, regardless of what they claim of the matter. In looking at both the current events and the history of these things, there is no possibility of mistaking the malicious intent. There is no possible excuse for not knowing what the results of these policies would be.

I find the people that are pushing us toward those policies, those disastrous policies, to be criminally negligent at least.