Folks, I’m seeing a lot of chatter from The usual suspects telling us about how we should be firing the military responsible for the bungling in Afghanistan.

I must say that I’m somewhat sympathetic to the argument. But let’s consider that the military you’re talking about firing were the ones who were left after Biden and Obama fired all the military types who believe in a strong America, and who thought that at the very least Obama’s policies were buffoonish.

In other words what you’re telling Democrats is to fire people who they approved of. Who share their political views and objectives.

Aside from the idea that the chances of Biden actually firing these people are somewhere between slim and none because to do so would be counter- productive to that agenda, what you’re asking Joe Biden to do at this point is to admit that he and Obama screwed up when they executed that Purge at the Pentagon.

You do know that’s not going to happen, right?

At the bottom line the cause of the failure in Afghanistan was a political ideology, one shared by the administration and by those wearing uniforms that the administration has put in charge. The dismissal for which they are richly deserving will simply not happen because of that shared ideology.