From Victory Girls this morning, comes a confirmation of something I’ve already told you:

There are lots of people who could take the fall for Joe Biden regarding Afghanistan. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. Both Blinken and Sullivan have had to face the press lately, and neither sounded confident or in command of any facts.


President Biden isn’t inclined to fire any senior national security officials over the chaos in Kabul unless the situation drastically deteriorates or there’s significant loss of American life, people familiar with the matter tell Axios.

Why it matters: Dismissing national security advisor Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin or CIA Director William Burns would be tantamount to admitting a mistake, and the president stands by his decision.

Unless the situation “drastically deteriorates” ?

Good lord, I know one should never challenge “worse”, but how in the world can the situation deteriorate any more than it already has?

In any event, I am still convinced, particularly given the actions the Obama Biden administration took in Iraq, which are precisely the actions they took in Afghanistan, simply changing the names in the dates, that this was precisely the desired outcome.

Obama and Biden purged all of the military who had both balls and brains… who weren’t willing to suborn their whack job leftist policies. Policies, which gave us the results we had both in Iraq and Afghanistan. They promoted the people that agreed with their policies. To now admit that those policies were wrong-headed and deadly, by firing they view as politically counterproductive… And I said as much a couple of days back.

In a just world, those responsible for this outrage, from Obama and Biden on down, would be suffering the same as the Afghan people are.

But since the world has never been fair, at least this should be an extinction level event for the Democrat party… And it might be precisely that, if we can keep the establishment GOP (the Bill Kristols Mitt Romneys and George Wills of the world, who have been desperately trying to promote Biden and company), out of the way.