I will admit this openly, up front. I am fearful for the nation and its future. I am equally disturbed about the future of Liberty in the world. The world’s last best hope, isn’t shining so brightly today.

Brian Kennedy at The American Mind this morning:

It would be easy to attribute the disaster of leaving Afghanistan, both human and strategic, to the incompetence of President Biden and his administration. After all, human incompetence normally explains a lot. But the affairs of a great nation like ours and its military are not the work of one man. There are generals, well-credentialed foreign policy experts, and senior intelligence officials who have devised how best to leave Afghanistan in order to achieve certain strategic and political objectives. The notion that there was a single incompetent decision made to abandon Afghanistan defies both logic and common sense. It was a matter of high government policy that the United States depart Afghanistan, abandon military equipment, and leave both Americans and our allies to the tender mercies of the radical Islamic Taliban.

The exit from Afghanistan, then, appears designed to accomplish two things: first, to demoralize the American military and the American people. Over 22,000 American service personnel have been killed or injured in Afghanistan. Every American knows someone who served there. Knowing full well that the Afghan military would not defend the country, there could be little doubt that the United States was turning the country over to the Taliban. Moreover, the US did so with the appearance of being run out of the country in shame and defeat. One can only assume this was meant to demonstrate to American servicemen that their sacrifice had been in vain, and to the American people that our cause of defending America from the scourge of radical Islam was not just.

How else are sensible people to view the footage of killings, chaos, desperation, harassment, and contempt for the US and our citizens in Kabul? Taken together these images are far more effective tools of propaganda than nearly anything Al-Qaeda and ISIS has employed over the past two decades. Their message is clear: America is weak and resistance to Islam is futile. That is the lesson the Biden Administration has made possible. It is one for which radicals such as Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have signaled their approval throughout their tenure in Congress.

The second purpose of the Afghan debacle was to signal to the world that the United States has no interest in defending a liberal world order and that from here on out we will not defend either human freedom or our own self-interest, however bizarre that may sound. Even the most serious isolationist would not have left Afghanistan the way we have. A minimum requirement would be to preserve the prestige and credibility of the United States with our allies and to ensure that our enemies would not be emboldened by our fecklessness.

First of all, and mark me on this, Taiwan is next.

You see, the question to be asking about the passage I quoted from Brian is, whose purpose was served by the way Afghanistan was handled?

I will remind you of the image of protesters in Taiwan against the Chinese takeover there carrying American flags.

That’s a scene that’s been repeated all over the world in my lifetime and it seems to be happening more frequently of late. America has been viewed the world over as the last best hope for freedom.

But with the events in Afghanistan, (which by the way Shares a border with China)… .events perpetrated by Democrat party policy, that flame on the end of Liberty’s torch is diminished rather significantly.

As Brian suggests, the mood has been adjusted nationally, the die has been cast, and there will be no further defending of Taiwan, or anyone else desiring freedom for that matter, at least while Democrats hold sway in Washington… Democrats, whom it is clear have completely forgotten about the call from the last Democrat who actually loved America, John f Kennedy, who said:

“…we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.”

And they killed him for that.

Long time readers of this blog will remember I suggested almost 20 years ago…

The original purpose of government, therefore, is to protect, nurture and defend, and if possible expand the influence of, the culture that gave it life.

My friends, I cannot think of any other Democrat in my lifetime who has expressed that purpose more clearly than Kennedy did that day in 1961. Alas, we have forgotten who we are and where we’re supposed to be going.

As to the future, even assuming at some point in the future, we have the stones to follow JFKs call, who is going to take American foreign policy seriously any longer? What’s going on in Afghanistan right now is going to remain on the world’s mind in perpetuity. The message is clear;Whatever good we do can be, and will be, overridden at the next election.

And all it took was Democrats in positions of governmental power… Which, when you design the voting machines and own a goodly chunk of the media, is fairly easy to arrange regardless of the will of the people.

You see, I’d like to say that there will be serious blowback at the next election…. that all of this will be the extinction level event for the Democrat party and America will get back on track.

My fear, however is that with the demonstrated fraudulency in this most recent election, and no indication of it being eliminated, the will of the people in these matters will never be heard from again.

Which is directly according to plan.