This stuff is going downhill so quickly I can’t keep up with it so I’ll just pass along thoughts that I’ve written down as they occur:

# Where are the followers of Islam who are aghast at what has happened to what we were told was a peaceful religion? We must assume that they are either cowering in fear, or they agree with what’s going on in Afghanistan right now and want to see it inflicted on the rest of the world in the name of their peaceful religion.

I know I’ve said this already but it bears repeating....These events should be the extinction level event for the Democrat party. TheBay of pigs, the failure of the peanut farmer in Iran, even the withdrawal from Iraq by Barack Hussein Obama fails in comparison to the failure of Biden in this case. (Notice all of those failures are perpetrated by Democrats?) That rumbling you here is Joe Biden’s voters collectively rolling over in their graves, a phenomenon best measured on the Richter scale.

# I’d like to suggest that there’s going to be repercussions at the voting booth on these events, but given the demonstrated ability of the Democrats to falsify elections, with the help of their friends the CCP one wonders what the final outcome will be.

The look and feel of press conferences at the White House lately

# Press conferences at the White House have been taking on somewhat of a surreal glow lately. They’re obviously still trying to figure out how to sell this failure as a success.

# The administration and the politicians and military uniforms serving under them are still claiming to be surprised by the events in Afghanistan, events caused by their policies. I’m not buying it. I think what really surprised them was the amount of blowback they got from the disaster that they caused. Which, by the way, is precisely the response you would expect out of an left wingidiologe. They wanted it, so they figured everybody else did too.