Lost in all the noise about Afghanistan is the fact that Afghanistan shares a border with China.

Democrats usually scoff when they are told that the second amendment was intended by our founders to keep the government under control. Weekenders, we are told, would never be able to keep up with the American military.

Meanwhile, his fraudulentcy Joe Biden echoed that line, telling the world that you were going to need nukes and fighter aircraft to take us on in Afghanistan.

Turns out all they needed was a couple of AK-47s and a goat.

So much for the nonsense about the American people not being able to keep the American government under control with firearms… At least, when Democrats are in charge, which is their real fear anyway. Their involvement in government is not about individual freedom, but about Democrat party power, which is precisely the opposite.

Does anyone remember Lord Cornwallis, I wonder? Back in the day he had the same question that some Americans are asking now. How did we get our backsides kicked by a ragtag bunch of…

It must be said in fairness to the fine men and women who are actually serving in the American military that the military didn’t lose this situation. The politicians did.

They ran the same play in Afghanistan, did the Biden administration, that the Obama administration Biden among them ran in Iraq back in 2011, with exactly the same outcome.

People, the Biden administration knew precisely what was going to happen. This was the desired outcome. There’s no other conclusion to draw at this point.

You know who else shares the blame for this? Biden voters. Lincoln Brown says it quite well:

By now you have seen the photos of people falling off of planes trying to escape the Taliban. You have seen the photos of women being shot for not wearing a burka. And no matter how strenuously the legacy media tries to spin it, your alternative to Donald Trump has shattered lives beyond measure. But an idiot in a buffalo hat or a buffoon packing off Nancy Pelosi’s lectern is in no way comparable to what is taking place, and what will take place in Afghanistan.

Lincoln goes on to list some of those happenings in rather graphic detail. I think you need to go see it.

The horror films that we are seeing coming out of Afghanistan right now and the countless atrocities which are not being broadcast, most certainly not even being mentioned by our mainstream media ….it’s your legacy, Biden voters.