Guys, I keep hearing chatter about the possibility of Joe Biden being escorted out of the White House by his own party.

As little as a few months ago I would have said I doubt it, and yet, today it’s beginning to look like that scenario would be a win-win for the Democrats.

There’s no arguing with the idea that Joe Biden (the man who’s single-handedly put “Dem” in “dementia”) is a total screw up, even by Democrat party standards. If your father or your grandfather was exhibiting the mental signs that Joe Biden is exhibiting now, his car keys would have been removed from his collection already and medical supervision would be called for.

The thing is, the Democrats knew this going in. They knew the man was mentally questionable and yet pushed him down the road to the White House anyway.


Because they knew nobody else in the running could even be faked into the office. The numbers simply were not there. It’s easy enough to aver that they had always pictured removing him from office once it was attained.

The Afghanistan embarrassment continues to get worse, and even the Democrats are finding it increasingly difficult to defend what’s been happening. By all rights, Afghanistan should be an extinction level event for the Democrat party as a whole, much less Joe Biden himself. Certainly, if a republican had screwed up everything he’s touched for the last 6 months that badly, it would be an extinction level event for the Republicans, and rightly so.

The Democrats understand all of this, in a way that makes most finger- gauge types envious. With that understanding, comes the idea that they’re going to have to do something to protect themselves and their party’s future. Become too big an impediment for the agenda, become too big and embarrassment for the party and all of a sudden the knives come out.

We’ve seen the Democrats leap into action on such matters even very recently in the form of Andrew Cuomo, and historically with people like Gary Hart Jim Trafficant, and for that matter, Vince Foster.

So now we have our current situation. In which, I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to arrange for a sudden and unexplained heart attack for Uncle Creepy. How often have we seen these things happen the last 40 years or so? But I’m thinking the 25th amendment is probably going to be the preferred method of removing this embarrassment from the White House.

Now you’ll recall that I suggested it was going to be a win-win situation. The Democrats, ever willing to do China’s bidding, have been wanting to get us out of Afghanistan for a long time. Inept as he is, Biden has managed to do that for them, and even better than that, he’s managed to arm the terrorists. There wasn’t a way that they were going to get what they wanted without some blood being spilled over there and some international embarrassment. So now they go after Biden with the 25th amendment and say “hey, it wasn’t our fault it was his”.

So they get what they wanted, and once Biden leaves the White House, (by any means necessary) that leaves Harris in the oval office. You’ll recall I remarked about speculation that this is what the Democrats have wanted all along… Getting the far leftist Harris into the big chair. Frankly, it’s beginning to look more and more like that’s what’s been happening here.

So they do China’s bidding, lay the blame at the feet of Joe Biden for the disaster that Democrat party policies have brought, get the far leftist into office, we’re upon they can implement more far leftist policy. From their point of view, a win-win situation, certainly.

From the point of view of the rest of the country however…