When Democrats come out in favor of a covid-19 p ID card, you know that their objection to strenuous voter ID requirements are about their ability to cheat in elections.

As worrisome as that is, however, you know what gives me hope? The ‘F___ Joe Biden” chanting that has gone viral,


Think about who goes to college games. Think about who goes to professional sports games.

Think about who goes to NASCAR events. In every case we’re talking about Young, professional, highly educated people in whose hands lies the future of this country. That point is amply evident in the videos that have been making their way around social media until such time as the stasi running the place takes them down. There is a fair amount of evidence other than the videos we’ve seen of these events but I must say that they are probably the best indication that we have, the most solid, of the problems that the Democrat party is going to have for the foreseeable future in selling its policies to the American people.

All that’s left to ensure our future is to make sure we don’t see a reoccurrence of the massive vote fraud that occurred in our most recent election. I more than grant that this is a large issue, but I still believe it’s manageable.