In recent discussions resulting from a post of the other day, I was asked what I thought of the insurrection is on January 6th. His words not mine. He went on to suggest that they attacked the government and the Constitution.

My response is here:


I call them patriots.

Yes,it was an attack on those in government. No question. What you have failed to understand is the Constitution was a limitation on government. The Constitution itself was an attack on government. January 6th was mounted in defense of the constitution, not of the government.

Since Woodrow Wilson the Democrats have been trying to override the constitutional limits on their power. And the ability to steal an election is probably the best indication yet that they’ve succeeded.

Again, I am convinced that January 6th was a false flag operation mounted by democrats and their supporters, and the evidence that they’ve uncovered in the hearing day before yesterday does much to back that point.

I’ll tell you right now that the time is coming very soon indeed when all Americans are going to be forced to choose between supporting the country and the Constitution or supporting its government.