A collection of thoughts as I go through today;

It has always amazed me that the biggest sales pitch the Democrats have is that the American people are too stupid to buy their defective product.

That attitude that the Democrats have forever possessed, about how the American people are stupid , was most recently explain to us in graphic detail by Peppermint Patty, the propaganda minister who suggested the American people are not watching prices and couldn’t care less about inflation essentially.

Oh… speaking of Peppermint Patty, she came up with a line the other day about how federal law supersede state law? Apparently she’s never actually read the constitution, specifically the 10th amendment. I’m telling you, folks, if the Democrats ever manage to put together a constitutional convention the 10th amendment is the first thing that they will remove, so that they no longer have to ignore it.

The reason Colin Kaepernick is not getting a job in the NFL is the same reason that we don’t hire quadriplegics as firemen.

Neither one possesses the skill set required for the job. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t feel sorry for him if I were you. He’s made more money by playing the victim then he ever would have made playing football. Of course, there’s a reason for that. He’s better suited to playing the victim than he ever was playing football.

I note the passing of Colin Powell yesterday.

I suppose the biggest memory I have of the man is that every four years Powell, the man the press gleefully called a “lifelong Republican”…. Pretty much the same way they did the useless John McCain…. endorsed the Democrat party candidate.

Every single cycle.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza made me smile yesterday by saying that the Colin Powell Republican doesn’t exist in the Republican party anymore. What he fails to understand is… that’s a good thing, something to be celebrated..

I’ll explain that this way…The difference between the Democrats and the establishment Republicans is that the Democrats are far less dangerous. At least they’re not pretending to be Republicans. There is a difference you see between being dangerous and being treacherous.