Why is it we are not seeing large numbers of covid-19 deaths among the Amish?

Facebook has spent the last couple of months telling us how they celebrate journalism, and yet when it shows up, go well out of their way to discredit it. Why?

I’m old enough to remember when the Democrats were saying we shouldn’t be trusting the covid-19 vaccine. Now, suddenly, they want to make it mandatory? Why? What’s changed in these few short months?

Why is Dr Anthony Fauci not stinking up a jail cell at this very moment? How many deaths has he caused with this nonsense? It was his department that funded the Wuhan lab and their supposed research. The lack of Justice in these matters is yet another reason why we should not trust government. In the end, it is he and his people that are directly responsible for the number of covid-19 deaths, for the economic disruptions,, all of it. Had all because orange man bad. Time for Dr Fauci to be frog-marched off to the nearest vertical bar hotel for the remainder of his existence on the planet.