I never thought I’d have to explain this, but several people have sent me private messages asking why I feel that the FBI should be disbanded and eliminated.

Buckle up, kids.

If we look at the actions of the FBI, …at least the ones that we see in the media these days,, it becomes pretty clear that the FBI has become nothing more than the enforcement arm of the Democrat party. A political tool.

Examples of this are numerous, even in recent history. This was never made more clear than when Merrick Garland the other day insisted that the FBI should be investigating parents who question critical race theory being taught in schools.

(Side note, I am delighted that Garland did not end up on the supreme Court. That would have been a disaster for this nation.)

All too often the FBI has ended up being used in this fashion, as a political enforcement arm of the Democrat party…. Essentially silencing opposition to the Democrats.

Either that misuse of the FBI must end or the FBI itself must end. Since there is no way for the former to happen, (particularly since both houses of Congress and the White House are under Democrat control,) the latter must.

Before you start tuning up let me get my story finished.

i will say this as fairly as I can because I believe the subject deserves that kind of honesty.

I don’t deny that the FBI has over the years done many good things and has helped to maintain our American way of life in many instances.

The FBI has many dedicated people working within it to those goals and I applaud them. Then again, it must be fairly stated that Hitler made the trains run on time. Granted, that’s an extreme parallel but that it is a parallel makes the point stick very deeply.

The problem is, as I have suggested in these spaces many times… wherever there is a centralization of power, there is corruption.

Those good actions, that dedicated work is betrayed by that corruption and the stated goals of the FBI are betrayed with them.

When a governmental agency no longer serves the purposes of the American people as in this case, it is time for that government agency to be ended.

So it is with the FBI.