A few casual observations as my day progresses;

* We have gotten to the point where smart people are being silenced so that liberal Democrats won’t be offended.

* If Democrats wanted to destroy America, how would they act differently? Would their policies be any different than what they are now? Forget about what they say, look closely at the result of their actions.

* Don’t laugh at kids that believe in the Easter Bunny. There are adults that believe in Biden

* I’ve never been able to understand how my wanting to keep what I’ve earned is greed but you’re wanting to steal what I’ve earned, isn’t. I imagine that it’s possible that somebody someday might be able to explain it to me, but I tend to doubt it.

* I appears to me that we have taken this entire “anyone can grow up to be president” thing, just a bit too far.

* It seems to me that anyone who voted for Biden, owes me gas money. Food money. Money to cover the per mile tax that the Democrats are contemplating. And let’s not forget the added cost of ammunition.

* I see that the state of Pennsylvania has decided to rename the Central Scranton Expressway to be the President Biden expressway… The Central Scranton Expressway has been a total embarrassment for the last 20 years, and remains so, with more chuck holes and a higher accident right than the already substantial accident rates and rough roads elsewhere in the state. The renaming is entirely fitting.

* So when we see doctors and nurses quitting over mandated vaccinations, shouldn’t we take that as an indication that there’s something seriously wrong with those vaccinations? That politics is the issue and not science?

* It occurs to me that if a liar’s pants actually caught on fire, watching the news would be a great deal more enjoyable.

Nancy Pelosi would be of particular interest, given what we do know of her drinking habit. That amount of alcohol would require special firefighting tactics.

* Somebody should come up with a Halloween costume that looks like Joe Biden. On the other hand some people might consider it too frightening.

* My friends, remember that at no point in history has the person or group enforcing compliance with their wishes ever been the good guy.