So 1400 healthcare workers got fired in New York today. Forbes:

Northwell Health, which employs more than 76,000 people as New York State’s largest health care provider, has fired 1,400 of its workers after they refused to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, the company announced Monday.

Seems an odd time to be pulling that stunt when healthcare workers are in such great demand but, that’s what they decided to do. One can’t help but wonder if Northwell actually thought this one through. I doubt it. This action like so many others we’ve been witness to the last 6 months takes on an appearance of attempting to silence anyone who dares question the narrative. Clearly, these people simply don’t trust the CDC. And of course they’re hardly alone.

Rick Moran, who by the way I am totally pleased is still writing, addresses some of this in his column today:

There is a public health crisis in America and it’s not the pandemic. The public health crisis in the U.S. is a lack of faith in the credibility of public health experts and officials whose double standards, misinformation, and selective adherence to certain “facts” have caused widespread confusion, resentment, and fright in millions of people.

There is a lesson in all of this, that being that even a lot of healthcare workers … In short people who know a lot more about staying healthy than does Joe Biden, and for that matter, they know more than most of us on sich matters, don’t trust the CDC, and they’re asking questions which makes sense to their scientific minds.

Moran says…

Many will point to polls on subjects like vaccine hesitancy or the efficacy of masks and conclude the opposition comes from knuckle-dragging Trump supporters. Even if that were true — and it isn’t — how would they explain the overwhelming mistrust of public health officials by doctors, nurses and other health care professionals?

He goes on to quote Reason Magazine who points out ;

“Trust in the CDC and FDA has decreased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic among health care professionals,” WebMD/Medscape noted in June. “Out of nearly 2,000 U.S. nurses surveyed on Medscape (WebMD’s sister site for health care professionals) between May 25 and June 3, 77% said their trust in the CDC has decreased since the start of the pandemic, and 51% said their trust in the FDA has decreased. Similarly, out of nearly 450 U.S. doctors surveyed in the same time period, 77% said their trust in the CDC has decreased and 48% said their trust in the FDA has decreased.”

Rick is generous in his analysis saying that the CDC was inept and not following the science. I can’t argue with that, but I will be more direct. They have been playing politics in an effort to save themselves.

What do you suppose the chances are that waning trust is because of the completely reasonable notion, based on the mounting evidence that NIH under Anthony Fauci was doing illegal gain of function research in that Chinese lab? That somebody in China recognized that they had a weapon to use against the economies of the remainder of the world? That the people responsible for this tragedy and all the deaths attached to it, now are not only put in charge of the government’s response to it, (and are thus more or less protected from criminal investigation so long as Democrats are benefiting from their presence in their current position.

Yes, I know, the CDC likes to pitch itself as some sort of apolitical Island, but the truth is, what we have at the head of the CDC these days is a bunch of people who haven’t the foggiest idea how to get themselves out of the box that they have managed to build for themselves. In the Democrats they see allies powerful enough to save them from jail terms, or worse. Which in turn is how the politics entered it in the first place. And let’s also remember the links between the Communist Chinese and the Democrat party.

Remember what I’ve been saying for two decades now…. When government runs healthcare, every healthcare decision is a political decision. There’s no other way that can go down.

As for thetiming of the release of the virus, perhaps you will remember Anthony Fauci glibly telling the leftist media that Donald Trump was going to face a pandemic, in interviews that occurred two days after Trump’s election. It’s not like that’s suspicious or anything…

I mean, think about it….

If you wanted to shut down the economies of the Free World which ended up booming shortly after Donald Trump’s election, booming because of Trump’s policies, and tilt the scales in your own advantage if you’re China, can you imagine a more effective way of doing it? And the beauty is, at least from their standpoint, Anthony Fauci gave him the tools all on the US taxpayer dime. And as an added bonus it helps to get rid of the president who warned America that we really should be disconnecting ourselves from China.

There’s just too many coincidences going on here to discount these ideas., But so long as Democrats hold the reins of power, there will be no serious investigation of these matters. Go about your lives citizens, there’s nothing to see here.

And, yes, I’m fully aware of the level of evil that I describe here.

The central theme is that people who know an awful lot more about healthcare than you and I took the extreme step of quitting their jobs because they don’t trust the CDC, either. Maybe that’s an indication of what the rest of us should be thinking about now. Once you understand that, the rest of these thoughts tend to fall neatly into place.

It’s long past time for the rest of us to start asking questions and more.