I casually observe that whatever else the incident at the nation’s capital on January 6th was, it was decidedly not a protest against good government.

I made mention yesterday, of the BLM and antifa rioting in various cities around the country over the last 5 years or so, and that they all mysteriously disappeared the moment the Democrats supposedly won the election.

Notice, please, that the Democrats uniformly suborned those riots, supporting them with if nothing else, their silence. Observe, however, one unique feature of those riots which very few people talk about. They didn’t threaten Democrat party power as did the protesters in DC.

The grandstanding and holier than thou preaching from the Democrats over the DC riots is made a joke when you consider their silence over violence in other cities to which DC pales in comparison.

Their power wasn’t threatened by Antifa and by BLM, and so there was absolutely zero in the way of Democrats calling for massive arrests, months of investigations, and show hearings on Capitol Hill, as there was for the protests on January 6th.

Even a casual observation of each series of events will reveal that the difference between them and the reason for the different reaction to the riots in Milwaukee, say, and the riots in DC is that the riots in Milwaukee didn’t threaten Democrat party power. In fact, the argument could be easily made that unlike the events in DC the riots in Milwaukee furthered Democrat party power.

Still think you’re not being manipulated, America?