So the Democrats come away winners in an election by whatever means they managed it, and all the organized protests by BLM etc., stop.

It would be an unreasoning person indeed that wouldn’t connect the dots here. Obviously, the people who organized those events (whoever they might be)…_# got what they wanted. But what specific actions by the Democrats have made the lives of the rioters better?

You see, I’m looking at this from the standpoint of who benefits as a result of those riots. If we make the assumption that the organizers of those riots got what they wanted and that’s why we don’t have any more riots, what exactly did they get to placate them so? Where are the loud songs of praise coming from BLM on the Swift and decisive actions taken by the Democrats to satisfy their concerns? Have you seen any? I haven’t. I doubt you will.

You see, blm, and the other associated groups have always had somewhat of a murky leadership. They’ve always tried to paint a picture in the press about how it’s a grassroots movement, but those who have watched BLM in action no very well that they are far too organized for that, or were up until such time as the Democrats won the election.

And, yes, I am suggesting that the Democrat party and it’s backers are directly responsible for all the violence over the last several years in places like Milwaukee, for example. And that leaves aside the Longer term and less organized violence in places like Chicago New York and Los Angeles which is a separate matter altogether.

I am suggesting that the reason that the violence from BLM went away was because the organizers of that violence, the Democrat party, got what they wanted. Once they were done with the tool they used in obtaining what they wanted, they dropped it, because it could be no further use to them.

There is something of a precedent to this, that goes back to the days of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, who when asked about his stalwart support of Bill Clinton despite their differences, said words to the effect “He got us what we wanted. He won.”

The bottom line here, dear reader, is that it’s always been about power. It has never been about improving the lives of the voters regardless of what their skin color is. It has always been about pure unadulterated raw power.

I can’t help but wonder how many of BLM supporters actually recognize that, and if they do how it is they manage to sleep at night.