Let me start this out by saying that many years ago the union movement did in fact have some nobility about it, a noble purpose. Alas, that those days are long past.

The problem with unions is quite similar in nature to the problem of any centralization of power. Heads of large corporations, government officials, and Union representatives, homeowners associations.

Eventually, anyone and I mean absolutely anyone, given significant amounts of power, will be abusing that power eventually, and will tell you that they’re doing it for the good of humanity or to better your situation. It ends up that that’s always the cry of tyrannical leadership. It almost never works out to be so, however. In truth what those situations are is people liking the power that they have in their hands too much, and becoming dictatorial in the process.

This shows the wisdom of our founders who sought to constitutionally limit the power of government to prevent just such things from happening, and why those involved with the Democrat party have spent the last 50 years trying to overcome those constitutional limitations.

Have you ever noticed that when labor disputes come up the amounts of money and benefits being fought over never really get discussed?

Well let’s examine that. Labor costs for members of the UAW average around $73 an hour, as of the most recent polling on the subject in 2002. That includes salary, benefits, but does not include the added cost imposed on the automakers as regards work rules and whatnot.

Maybe now you understand why American automakers have spent years trying to catch up to automakers in japan, korea, germany, and before long, China.

In the end, unions are damaging to business to the country and to the workers. There are short-term gains to be certain. But those short-term gains are invariably overridden and unionized workforces eventually leave ghost towns behind. Ask those who used to make their living in Detroit making automobiles. Or for that matter, Lordstown Ohio.

But, Lord forbid that anybody should actually place the blame on the unions where the blame belongs.

Here’s the truth:

The unions are now passing out electronic hand bills on social media telling us that we shouldn’t cross picket lines.

Personally, I will not aid and abet extortionists, which is precisely what unions are. And I wouldn’t stand in my way if I were you.