It’s time to say I told you so.

Today is actually a stunning day in the world of COVID transparency and the manipulation of COVID for political benefit.

After the White House tried the Omicron “winter of death” narrative, they suddenly realized what some (including myself) had mentioned earlier. When you require something, you are by nature of that requirement taking ownership of the outcome.

The Biden administration mandates -writ large- mean the government has to take ownership of the outcome. Thus, if government tests are required then government is responsible for testing.

The problem is, when any entity takes ownership, they are setting themselves up for accountability and criticism.

Today, Joe Biden officially tries to take the U.S. government out of the COVID mess by saying “there is no federal solution” to the crisis their COVID-19 response created. Yes, JOE BIDEN SAID THAT. Directly and without any pause as to the ramification of what he was saying or reading.

For two years Joe Biden has critiqued, criticized, complained and promised that his administration would handle the spread of COVID-19 and all the downstream consequences. Today, all of that is summarily trashed -as if it never existed- and the White House proclaims that individual states are now responsible for every outcome on their own.

So, Uncle Creepy has finally gotten around to acknowledging what I said over a year ago, that there was truly no Federal answer to covid-19. For all that we heard about “the Biden plan” this is an admission that he really didn’t have a plan.

Now it’s time for us to acknowledge that there is no governmental answer to covid-19, regardless of the level of government that’s involved.

One more point to be made here, is what I’ve been saying since Hillary care was being touted. When government runs health care every Health Care decision is a political decision. What we have been witness to the last 2 years if nothing else proves that. And the very reason that Biden and company have been forced to scrounge around for something that will click with the American people is the American people have begun to catch on to those facts.

We are still left with the question of why the United States government was doing what amounts to biological weapons research in cooperation with the communist chinese. We are also left with a question of how it is that Anthony Fauci.. the person who arranged for that research, was able to glibly announce that Donald Trump was going to face a pandemic less than 2 days after Donald Trump was elected.