It’s time to take stock of the covid-19 situation that we’ve been dealing with for so long.The fact of the matter is we’re not being honest with ourselves on it.

First, let’s consider the virus itself. In doing so, for the sake of discussion, let’s completely ignore, just for the moment, the governmental reaction to it.

At its most basic, we have a disease, a virus, that was created in a laboratory. There’s two ways we can define such a disease, either pure research or we can consider it a biological weapon. It actually feels both roles at once, something that Chinese Communists figured out early on. Anthony Fauci in his naivete may very well have considered it pure science, but the Chinese are a bit more practical, in much the same way that Iranian nuclear scientists are. And yes I’m quite aware of what that implies. We will get to that.

We want to trust the guys in the white lab coats. It’s what we’ve been trained to do after all.

However, let me remind you that every zombie apocalypse movie ever made, every monster movie that’s got a monster in it that’s gotten out of control, every movie that involves some catastrophic infection, all of these begin with the guys in the white lab coats and looking at awful lot like Anthony Fauci, telling us that “everything is under control”… and that we should relax and just do what the government tells us to do.

It doesn’t work in the movies, and it’s not going to work here, either, because invariably, there are factors that have not been accounted for but the supposed smartest people in the room.

If we’re honest about this thing, any disease created in a lab, particularly one that has the demonstrated capability of killing millions of people can easily be considered a biological weapon and by any reasonable standard, unquestionably should be considered as such.

Now, let’s go a step further and consider that this virus was created in a laboratory in Wuhan China and largely paid for with American tax dollars.

Oh, there’s no question that the lab coats in this country particularly Anthony Fauci told us that wasn’t true, and quickly labeled those who expressed that view to be conspiracy theorists and nothing more. But as we are learning more and more, that’s exactly what happened. All of the conspiracy theories have turned out to be true.

They told us that they weren’t doing gain of function research, because that would be illegal, immoral,unethical, and so on. But once again we have found out over time that’s precisely what’s been happening.

Fauci and company have stated that the “gain of function” research was not specifically authorized. And yet, here we are.

And so at best, we have a situation where the white lab coats in this country allowed This calamity to be follows through their own ineptitude and naivete.

The Chinese Communists have proven themselves untrustworthy for decades now. Given that proven lack of trustworthiness, there are only two ways that we can take the NIH and for that matter the US government as a whole signing off on this cooperative effort between the Communist Chinese and the NIH and Wuhan, the best of them being shear stupidity.

This makes the assumption that the lab coats didn’t understand the threat involved here. It makes the assumption that they didn’t understand more likely didn’t want to admit to themselves, that China will glom onto anything produced in such a cooperation …virus producing techniques, and probably even covid-19 itself or somewhat less probably, something even worse for used to bring about their version of political change. Again, this is not unlike what we would see from Iran’s nuclear scientists.

If it is the case that they simply didn’t understand these points because of their worldview, their politics or their lack of understanding that not everybody shares their view of pure science, then what we are dealing with here is a case of criminal incompetence at the very least.

The thing is I don’t think they’re quite that stupid.

There’s a few possibilities of why they involved the chinese, one certainly was plausible deniability.

I think this Chinese bomb that got dropped on the rest of the world went off precisely as intended. There are several indications that they knew this was happening and knew precisely what they were doing, their vehement denials not withstanding.

First, let’s remember Anthony Faucci getting up on his hind legs on CNN and telling the world that Donald Trump would face a pandemic, telling the world this beer hours after Donald Trump’s election. How would he know that?

Then, also, we have numerous lies coming out of NIH, HHS and it’s leadership about how the virus got started. The reaction of those people is strikingly similar to that of cockroaches when the flashlight gets turned on. They start running in any direction they can, often to their own destruction.

For example the wet market bat soup lie. You’ll remember that that claim went down in flames less than 24 hours after it was made. For over a year, NIH under the leadership of Dr Anthony fauci vehemently denied that what we were dealing with here was a lab leak at Wuhan. This even as whispers kept coming out that the supposed conspiracy theorists had it right on the money. Eventually, NIH was forced to admit, yes, it was a lab leak.

The comportment of NIH as a whole and Fauci in particular reads as somebody who understands that they’ve stepped in a big pile of yak poop and are desperately trying to cover their own backsides, both with additional lies which were also disproven and with absurd recommendations to the government which the government gladly swallowed.

There is increasing evidence that there was a good deal about what was going on in that American officials did not know, Fauci in particular. Things that they were responsible for knowing and failed…. Something that they didn’t fully understand until it got into the wild.

What we are discussing here is criminal incompetence.

The unfortunate fact is the Democrats don’t want us to know how this thing started because it’s still being in play empowers them. Intern, that bottom line’s at the only way we’re going to find out what the real story is here and who deserves jail time, is to remove the Democrats from power.

The polls have long since begun to indicate that the American people are quite ready to do that, so there is hope on these matters, scant though it be.