As regards the Detroit shooting…

The prosecutors have apparently decided to charge the kid, 15-year-old, as an adult. That of itself is not unusual in these cases. However that’s not the end of it.

Where we get into a problem is when they also charge the parents. Involuntary manslaughter I believe is the charge. The stated reasoning? They weren’t controlling the kid.

The trouble with the combination, if you’re charging the 15-year-old as an adult you’re making the claim that he had the capacity to understand what it was he was doing and was solely responsible for his actions. If that’s true then you can’t legally expect the parents to be controlling the kid. If on the other hand it’s not true, then the largest crime you can charge the kid with is some sort of mental hygiene issue.

That comes down to this; Charge the kid as an adult or charge the parents, choose one …you can’t do both.

The claim by the prosecution is that they shouldn’t have allowed the kid to have access to firearms. The problem is CAP laws as they’re called, (child access protection) has never been passed in Michigan. In other words the legislature has decided not to go that route. That such laws should exist may very well be the opinion of the prosecutor, but in terms of actual law, no such animal exists. The prosecutors in this case are so far off the deep end I’m amazed that they don’t pull an Alec Baldwin out of the hat and blame the gun. In watching this scenario I have to wonder if that’s not the money of George Soros I smell involved with this case.

By any reasonable measure, this is an extraordinary case.

To be perfectly honest with you I have more than a sneaking suspicion that there is a good deal going on with the parents in this case that we haven’t been told about simply because there’s no legal way to approach them. Certainly, there is no legal way to approach them that serves the interests of the anti-gun crowd. Which is really what this case of overreach is about to begin with. You know as well as I do that without that advantage there won’t be any reporting on any of it.

As for legal precident coming out of this case, I wouldn’t bet on it being anything good. They’re going to attempt to use this to bolster the gun grabbing that they have always had on their minds. Extraordinary situations make bad case law, the saying goes. And this is one such situation.