When you can’t win by the number of votes, you win by lawsuit. That seems to be the modus operandi we’re going to be subjected to once again from the Democrat party.

Zippy here is actually admitting to two things. The first being what everyone already knows, the Democrats are going to lose big in the next couple of elections at least. In fact as I’ve been saying all along this should be an extinction level event for the Democrats.

But the second thing being admitted to here is why the Democrats have been playing this insurrection card for so long even after it’s been proven many times over that they’ve been playing a busted flush all along.

You see the problem is that such a lawsuit would demand a full investigation of who was involved. I’ve said all along that January 6th was a false flag event, arranged by the Democrats. Any such investigation would surely reveal that.

If they’re actually stupid enough to go along with this, it truly should be an extinction level event for the Democratic party. There won’t a one of them be able to get elected to dog catcher.