Take a look at these poll numbers from 5:38

There’s no denying it now. The Democrat party’s overreach is beginning to cost them. The red wave that is coming we’ll make the Democrat party a permanent minority. There’s no stopping that now.

As I pointed out recently to get numbers like this, requires large number of Democrats coming to the conclusion that the game is up, that Democrat party policies aren’t working for America and aren’t working for them individually which is in reality the final test.

The most damaging thing of all I suspect is the recognition that this is not a situation of left-wing ideology being imperfectly applied, but rather left-wing ideology being perfectly applied.

The combination of left-wing ideologue policies, incompetence, overreach, and just plain arrogance, have resulted in a situation where even rank and file Democrats have begun to recognize that the party is headed for the rocks and may very well take the country with it, between now and the next presidential cycle.

I am increasingly persuaded that what we have here is a group of people that can’t admit to themselves much less anybody else that they screwed up majorly, that Joe Biden is an absolute disaster for both the party and the country and for them individually.

I think that 39% approval rating for Biden,is a false flag. I saw some polling yesterday that suggested only 22% of Democrats want to see Joe Biden running for a second term. That figures suggests that regardless of admitting to themselves and to the rest of the world that they screwed up by getting this man inside the White House by whatever means. In they know he’s a disaster but getting them to admit it to the rest of us is problematic.

When I see CNN admitting on air that Donald Trump is a lock sure bet for 2024, it’s a sure sign they know that gig is up as well.