Says JPod:

What Alvin Bragg has done here must be seen in conjunction with the “Defund the police” and “decarceration” activists who have dominated the Democratic Party’s discourse on criminal justice for the past two years.

Bragg’s memo is the most radical manifestation of the “progressive prosecutor” movement — the systematic effort on the left to elect activists for social justice rather than defenders of the right of ordinary citizens to live unmolested by crime.

Well, it’s been going on for a lot longer than 2 years, first of all. How long have we heard the cry, “drug addiction is a disease not a crime?”how many times have we heard something which had before been considered a serious crime, suddenly be demoted in stature to a social problem?

John points out on correctly that this is all part of the defund the police movement as well.

It’s the same concept driving these things, people. The difference is it’s being amplified by district attorneys who have been handpicked by George Soros. And certainly, Alvin Bragg is one of these.

Understand, what he shows us in that document, and even in his pronouncements outside of that document, is not a case of liberalism being imposed imperfectly, it is a case of liberalism being imposed perfectly. Without any dilution. The American people are now getting a picture of the logical endgame of what liberals have been playing up for generations now.

And the backlash is just beginning.