….and then we have Crowder:

Fauci then implied by questioning Fauci, Rand Paul was showing how little he cared about the over 800,000 people who have died of COVID. The same COVID for which Sen. Paul is trying to investigate the origins. Rand was not amused:

“Do you think anyone has had more influence to our response to this than you have? Do you think it’s a great success what has happened so far? Do you think lockdowns were good for our kids? Do you think we slowed down the death rate? More people have died now under President Biden than under President Trump. You were the one responsible. You are the lead architect of the response from the government. 800,000 people have died. Do you think it’s winning succeeds what you had advocated from the government?”

Fauci didn’t have a good answer. Though, he did blame Senator Paul’s criticisms for death threats.

Well of course you would expect him to play the victim.

Thing is, it is not just a matter of Anthony Fauci being the architect of a failed response though he certainly is that.

He is also the architect of the reason why the response was necessary in the first place, and that is by far more important.

If we were to take the situation seriously, Anthony Fauci and probably a number of other people, would be up on a couple of million counts of involuntary manslaughter to say nothing of the civil suits.

And it’s about time that started happening.

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