It’s interesting that the New York Times should come up with this one.

SEOUL — They have shown up whenever women rallied against sexual violence and gender biases in South Korea. Dozens of young men, mostly dressed in black, taunted the protesters, squealing and chanting, “Thud! Thud!” to imitate the noise they said the “ugly feminist pigs” made when they walked.

“Out with man haters!” they shouted. “Feminism is a mental illness!”

On the streets, such rallies would be easy to dismiss as the extreme rhetoric of a fringe group. But the anti-feminist sentiments are being amplified online, finding a vast audience that is increasingly imposing its agenda on South Korean society and politics.

Well, maybe, it’s not so shocking after all… And it’s obvious, that they don’t approve. Glenn Reynolds mentions the article over at instapundit, and I think he’s got this one right:

Perhaps they’ve looked at the contemporary United States and drawn their own conclusions about what feminism leads to. This would appear to be part of the global backlash — especially outside the Anglosphere — against contemporary campus-left politics. See also the French government’s anti-woke crusade.

Indeed so.

People around the world, not just the US and France are watching what’s going on here in America, particularly these last couple years and recognizing the destruction caused by turning our backs on our own cultures. As Victor Davis Hansen puts it, we are committing cultural suicide.

I submit to you that the New York Times has been very close to the top of the pile of those approving of such cultural suicide. All in the name of “equality”, and “fairness”, of course. And, obviously, they feel they are the ones to judge what is and is not equal and fair.

People seeing this have begun to respond appropriately.