And yesterday along comes an article from Spiked, in the UK

In December 2019 there was an outbreak in China of a novel bat-borne SARS-like coronavirus a few miles from the world’s leading laboratory for collecting, studying and manipulating novel bat-borne SARS-like coronaviruses. We were assured by leading scientists in China, the US and the UK that this really was a coincidence, even when the nine closest relatives of the new virus turned up in the freezer of the laboratory in question, at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Now we know what those leading scientists really thought. Emails exchanged between them after a conference call on 1 February 2020, and only now forced into the public domain by Republicans in the US Congress, show that they not only thought the virus might have leaked from a lab, but they also went much further in private. They thought the genome sequence of the new virus showed a strong likelihood of having been deliberately manipulated or accidentally mutated in the lab. Yet later they drafted an article for a scientific journal arguing that the suggestion not just of a manipulated virus, but even of an accidental spill, could be confidently dismissed and was a crackpot conspiracy theory.

Jeremy Farrar – who organised the call on 1 February with Patrick Vallance, Francis Collins, Anthony Fauci and a Who’s Who of virology – had already spilled a few of the beans in his book, Spike, published last year. He wrote that at the start of February 2020 he thought there was a 50 per cent chance the virus was engineered, while Kristian Andersen of the Scripps Research Institute was at 60-70 per cent and Eddie Holmes of Sydney University put it at 80 per cent. But some time after the call they all changed their mind. Why? They have never troubled us with an answer.

Now, however, we have an email from Farrar, sent on Sunday 2 February to Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health, and Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It recounts the overnight thoughts of two other virologists Farrar had consulted, Robert Garry of Tulane University and Michael Farzan of the Scripps Research Institute, as well as Farrar’s own thoughts. Even after the call, their concern centred on a feature of the SARS-CoV-2 genome that had never been seen in any other SARS-like coronavirus before: the insertion (compared with the closest related virus in bats) of a 12-letter genetic sequence that creates a thing called a furin cleavage site, which makes the virus much more infectious.

In other words ladies and gentlemen what is happening here is they knew from the outset… There was gain of function research going on here that was at least incidental if not Central to the research they were authorized to be doing in Wuhan.

Meanwhile, the article goes on:

The emails unveiled this week reveal no good scientific reason at all for why these leading virologists changed their minds and became deniers rather than believers in even the remote possibility of a lab leak, all in just a few days in February 2020. No new data, no new arguments. But they do very clearly reveal a blatant political reason for the volte-face. Speculating about a lab leak, said Ron Fouchier, a Dutch researcher, might ‘do unnecessary harm to science in general and science in China in particular’. Francis Collins was pithier, worrying about ‘doing great potential harm to science and international harmony’. Contradicting Donald Trump, protecting science’s reputation at all costs and keeping in with those who dole out large grants are pretty strong incentives to change one’s mind.

I would advise going to read the article in total. But keep in mind that the one thing that doesn’t seem to be mentioned very much if at all is Anthony Fauci stating flatly in his interview on CNN that there was about to be a pandemic. Remember that that public prediction came two days after Donald Trump won the election. Suspicious timing, at least.

Indeed, it’s the timing of this thing that is among its largest features. The principle of Qui Bono… Who benefits… Is one of the first things that any criminal investigator looks at, and the timing is a leading indicator here.

Clearly, China is the largest benefactor of such a release into the wild of this manufactured virus, at least in the short term. The removal of a president who has openly advocated disconnecting the US economy from China while crippling world economy? You can see where that would be very tempting to the Chinese leadership, as well as to their puppets in the us, and I think I would be correct in naming the Democrat party as one such group. That connection is the easiest explanation for the reaction of the Democrats here in the states, particularly, their initial reaction.

While it’s true that there are many dying from the virus in China with entire cities locked down, what is that in terms of human life compared to the cultural revolution for example? Remember that the current leadership in China has more than a slight Maoist tilt. I wouldn’t put such a maneuver past them.

The scientists involved meanwhile, clearly were about saving their reputations and quite possibly keeping themselves out of a permanent residence at the vertical bar hotel. They would do so, regardless of the degree of their own involvement.

But watching Anthony Fauci in front of Congress speaking with Rand Paul tells me that he knew precisely what was going on. I said yesterday that Fauci’s reactions to questions from Paul and for that matter, everybody else bears remarkable resemblance to the vehement denials that we saw at Nuremberg. Nobody issues loud denials like that without positioning themselves however inadvertently as more suspect.

And the emails that are revealed in this article convince me of what my instinct told me listening to Anthony Fauci speak in front of Congress.

Fauci knew. He’s always known, his continued and overly vehement denials not withstanding.

Anthony Fauci signed off on funding a project that was doing gain of function research… by his own definition…(interesting how that definition changed as soon as this stuff hit the fan…)

That research succeeded in handing the Communist Chinese a biological weapon they wouldn’t have otherwise had, and the beauty for the Communist Chinese is, they got the United States taxpayer to foot the bill.

In the process of that act, either Anthony Fauci was criminally incompetent or complicit. Based on the evidence in front of us, there’s no other conclusion to draw.

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