+ You know, now that Disney has lost its special land privileges, it would be a shame if all of those buildings they put up, weren’t up to code.

+ If you’re not making enough money to pay back your student loan, your choice of major was wrong. Ever notice how trade school students generally don’t have problems paying back their loans?

+ Seems to me that objecting to Twitter being politically neutral going forward, amounts to a tacit admission that it hasn’t been politically neutral. And here’s the thing, if you’re angry that Musk bought Twitter, you’re one of the reasons that Musk bought Twitter.

+ There is absolutely nothing wrong with CNN…. Nothing whatsoever…. That firing every single living being in the place wouldn’t solve.

+ The left uses the word “woke”, because it sounds better than “delusional”.

+ If you need an illustration of this, consider the idea that the people that have been telling our kids that men can get pregnant are also the ones that are starting a disinformation governance board.

+As a rule, Dove chocolate tastes a great deal better than their soap does.