With the amount of preparation required to mount the kind of response that the pro-abortion Democrats have mounted, there is little question in my mind that the response was a planned response.

That means whoever leaked this information was in concert with the Democrat party.

And in case anybody didn’t notice, 15 minutes after word got out about the existence of Justice Alito’s draft, barricades went up at the Supreme Court building.

Does anybody believe that those barricades went up for fear of those on the right attacking the Supreme court?

From what I understand of the way things work at the Supreme Court, we have a couple of choices. Either we’re dealing with the leak coming from Alito’s clerks, else we are dealing with the possibility of one of the pro abortion justices leaking it themselves. This would seem to point directly to Justice Sotomayor and or to Biden’s choice, Justice jackson. Frankly, I would be hard-pressed to even make a guess as to which one of these parties is responsible.

The investigation we are told is continuing and Justice Roberts particularly is determined to find out where this came from. Supposedly, anyway.

With the list of suspects so narrow, it will be interesting to see how quickly the culprit is unmasked.

That said however once they are unmasked, the question becomes is there any legal ramifications of this leak? What would be the consequences for it? Clearly, this is a crime against the court, the constitution, and the country. It seems to me that there are two separate questions here however. What are the consequences if a clerk is found to have been responsible, and what are the consequences if one of the justices is found responsible? Those are questions I haven’t even heard anybody ask, as yet. What is the procedure for removing somebody from the Supreme Court? With a clerk it’s a simple matter of jailing them for a set period of time. With the Supreme Court justice? Honestly, I have no idea of the answer to that question

Legal professors at Yale are saying that it wouldn’t surprise them very much to find out that one of the clerks of the graduated from there school was responsible. One professor saying that they seem to hold advocacy higher than the institutions. That’s probably true, and there needs to be serious consequences.