The White House new back in February that we were going to have shortages of baby formula. They didn’t care.

So in response to this shortage, Joe Biden points the finger at “greedy mothers”instead of pointing it at himself for creating the shortage of the first place.

Over regulation, over taxation, in other words, the usual Democrat party policies and the usual resulting disasters. One after another suppliers of this vital product went under, sold out. Then the government came in and closed it down the largest remaining supplier of baby formula supposedly for not keeping up with the governments idea of what sanitary is. So with all domestic supplies of baby formula being gone, what does Biden do? He starts opening up the pipelines from places like China.

First of all it’s going to take months for that supply chain to get moving. By the time that happens we’re going to have dead kids on our hands.

Of course dead kids are no problem for the party of unrestricted abortion, the party that made the argument that abortion was good for the economy.

What difference does it make when you kill them?

But just as importantly, China’s record on product safety and the product quality is not exactly the best. So you close down American baby formula suppliers supposedly for product safety reasons and then open up the pipelines to China who has a long record of product safety issues and dead children. Unless you’re financially infested in Chinese industry as the Biden family is, how does that make sense?

Let’s remember also the stockpiles of baby formula which our federal government run by the Democrats has placed on our Southern border to accommodate illegal aliens and their children.

It almost makes one want to look closely at where the Biden family has been investing in China aside from their dealings in lithium, doesn’t it?

The comparisons between what’s happening to us now and what happened to Venezuela when they tilted left, are frightening.

In a sane world, there would be no question that the Democrat party will not survive Joe Biden and the Democrat leadership. The red tsunami would eliminate the Democratic party from any contention for the next 150 years at the least. However one most Wonder whether Chinese voting machines of questionable programming I’m with a mainstream media all too willingly selling itself to the Democrats, a goodly amount of social media following suit, if voter anger will be enough to overcome all of that.

I’m telling you right now, folks, the upcoming election cycles need to be so overwhelmingly red as to overcome all the illegalities that the Democrats are doubtless going to be bringing the bear on this.

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