Robert Stacy McCain, who by the way I haven’t quoted in a while, lays out the situation this way:

“Whatever the trial’s outcome in regard to Sussmann’s guilt or innocence, however, Durham’s prosecution has already shown in court that the claims about Alfa Bank were part of an effort to establish a ‘narrative’ (a word Sussmann himself used) of secret connections between Trump and Russia, and that Hillary herself approved the campaign’s plan to leak this to the media.”

So basically all Durham has been successful at doing is confirming what we already knew… That this was all the scheming and doing of the pig in the pant suit.

Of course, the role of the media in promoting the Trump-Russia “narrative” has been exhaustively demonstrated, but now that the damning truth about the whole sordid affair is a matter of sworn testimony in court, suddenly the media have lost interest. Tim Graham of the Media Research Center notes that the Washington Post (which breathlessly hyped the “collusion” fraud) buried its coverage of the Sussmann trial on Page A8, and didn’t mention the most important part — former campaign chairman Robby Mook’s confirmation of Hillary’s direct involvement — until the 25th paragraph of the story. And, as the MRC’s Curtis Houck observes, the evening news programs at ABC, NBC and CBS have completely ignored the Sussmann trial.

Of course they have and there’s two reasons for this, either one conclusive. To do the story justice they would be working counter to the narrative created by the parties whom they support. And just as obviously, expose themselves to the legal ramifications of that support.

And in all of this they are still shocked and amazed supposedly about how the American public doesn’t trust them anymore.

The thing is, an increasing number of Americans don’t trust the justice system either with this woman still walking around free. I have been saying for decades now that there is a double standard that has a political edge to it. If crimes are being committed Democrats tend to get a pass so long as it advances the agenda. There goes your proof.

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