The brain is an amazing thing. It comes up with these ideas all by itself, usually when I don’t have a pen to write them down.

+ Joe Biden is probably the only character in recent history whose plans fail more consistently then Wile E. Coyote. Thing is, Biden bills himself as a super genius, too.

+ Glen Reynolds passes this one along, and it’s a darn good question:

+ Speaking of that, it strikes me as interesting that mere hours after the word got out about the leak of Alito’s draft, there were barricades up at the Supreme Court building had a few thousand protesters all with identical custom printed signs. Something about this smells terribly. The one thing that this is not is organic. Sorry, I’m not buying it.

+Think about how many wars would never have occurred, if Karl Marx had never been born.

+ I find it interesting that so many of the people who dismiss the concept the immaculate conception of Christ, inexplicably believe that men can get pregnant.

+ At the same time, we find that the left suddenly can define what constitutes being a woman. Inconsistency of position on steroids.

+ By the same token then, after 2 years of being told everyone had to get”the shot”, now suddenly, it’s back to “my body,” my choice” despite the fact of course that it isn’t just their body that’s involved in an abortion.


After decades of being preached out about corporate greed, we’re now seeing the left defending Disney?

+ After decades of being preached out about the evils of big pharma, we all had to bow at that altar along with the left for the last 2 years?

+ After being preached at for the last several decades by the left about the evils of war, suddenly they want us to dive in with our military to put down Russia.

(As an aside, one really most wonder if this sudden obsession with kicking Russia’s backside doesn’t have anything to do with the steadfast belief among the left that Hillary Clinton was cheated out of the presidency in 2016 by Vladimir Putin?)

+ The one thing that the left is consistent at is it’s inconsistency of position.