The words of a friend:

I began working for a magazine in May of 2005. In August that same year, I was on the road to Texas with stops along the way back in Little Rock and Nashville where I’d go into the magazine’s office for a staff meeting.

This was the weekend of Katrina.

The first landfall was Saturday, August 29. I left Little Rock Monday morning for Nashville. As I drove through Memphis, the storm was just crossing over I-40 headed north. The winds were hitting 80mph.

All along the way I was talking on and off with my good wife who was having very though time of it. She works for the North American Mission Board – the domestic missionary arm of the Southern Baptist Convention

She was manning the emergency call center for the division of the organization called Disaster Relief. She was taking calls from people who were waking up to the reality that 80% of the greater New Orleans area was under water.

These poor folks were saying stuff like, “I’m on my roof and can’t find my family.” and “I’m floating in my [flooded] attic with my my dead children. Please help me!”

I got to the magazine’s office about office just as the rest of the staff was pulling in. We were all sitting around stone faced as we discussed the gravity of the situation when in comes the publisher with a wry grin on his face, triumphantly declaring, “You know this is all the republican’s fault in New Orleans.”

All over the country, people from the Red Cross, NAMB, The Salvation Army and countless or groups were taking the same call as my wife reported. They were getting those calls as people were still dying and/or finding the true depth of their losses.

But this guy couldn’t wait to come in and tell the new team conservative that this was my fault. All he could focus on was the political win this would provide. I knew then he had no soul. How lasted eight years there is beyond me.

Tonight, as people were only just beginning to process the unimaginable heartbreak of losing tiny little children and their teachers, Joe Biden did the exact same thing when he addressed the nation. It took no time whatsoever to abandon any semblance of decency and fly into full on politics mode.

Can anyone please tell me where simple decency goes at times like this? Why can’t these people restrain their hedonistic hunger to land the political throat punch just long enough until the dead have been mourned?

What’s truly disgusting is, millions of people will herald his remarks of a great leader.

And just as a reminder they did the same thing with Buffalo. The leap to judgment, the leap to blame anyone with conservative American values for these occurrences is a well-established pattern.

The pattern is also established quite well enough to suggest that this incident in New York City yesterday won’t even be mentioned. No way to spend this off as anti black racism, no way to spend this as the perp being a supporter of President Donald Trump, so it’s a lock sure bet that the mainstream media won’t touch this story, and you can bet your cheeks on there being absolutely no mention whatsoever of the incident from the White House.

People, we are dealing with a group of individuals whose motto is now and always has been “never let a good crisis go to waste”. What we are seeing here is manipulation of current events to separate us, by people whose soul interest is to grow government.

Incidents like this only tend to get covered fully when it’s possible to spin the event to the advantage of the political left.

As an example, in the case of the Buffalo shooter, we got nearly 24 hours of screaming litany from the mainstream media and leftist advocates, about how the whole thing was Tucker Carlson’s fault, the shooter is a Fox News devotee, and a Donald Trump supporter, we found out that exactly the opposite was true when his manifesto hit the street.

We also found out that the authorities have known about the kid for a long time and did nothing. In other words government failed in its task.

It will be interesting to see if the motivations of the shooter down in Texas are similar, and if the authorities there were aware of the kid. In all honesty, that’s my suspicion.

Joe Biden said what he did for the simple reason that there was no way to spin the event to the left’s advantage, other than to blame the gun, and the “gun lobby”. That was the sole purpose in his commentary. Nancy Pelosi did the same.

Here it is, folks…They do not wait for the bodies to get cold before they start in with their diatribe, for the simple reason that if they waited for the facts to come in, chances are the facts will run afoul of the narrative.

The conclusion, then, to answer the author’s question is that decency is not in them. Merely a lust for power.