Some things that occur to me…

# Johnny Depp probably could have used an Amber alert. But I suppose it should be said that she actually gave a crap.

# The far left that’s running our government these days just got through sending the Ukrainian government 40 billion dollars. These are the same people that told us just a couple of weeks ago that we could have solved world hunger with the $40 billion dollars that Elon Musk is spending on Twitter. Funny how quickly times change.

# Speaking of Musk, this saga of his with Twitter proves something I’ve said for quite a while. Being the least bit conservative is the hardest thing on the planet to do. Just think, if he was a liberal, forget Twitter… he could have purchased Congress for far less money.

# Several times a week these days I’m getting posts from various state trooper barracks, often complete with video explaining to we morons that the person they pulled over was doing 120 or 130 miles an hour on the freeway. They invariably go on to preach how dangerous that is. What they never seem to mention explicitly is how fast the trooper was going to catch this individual. Usually it’s faster. Much faster. Tell me again, who they’re protecting us from.

# Democrats used to tell us that if we elected Trump, the economy would crash and we have a third world war. They were only off by one president.

#Thanks to the government we have now, the worst is behind us…. And gaining ground quickly.