That we have no shortage of Democrats is why we have shortages of everything else.

With party affiliations being roughly 50/50 in this country a 35% approval rating of Joe Biden means that a significant number of Democrats don’t like him either.

If the lamestream media is reporting a 35% approval rating for a democrat, it’s a luxury bet that the actual figure isn’t even that good.

I dare to suggest to you that government-run healthcare services lost the support of most people when they suggested that gathering together was okay in the middle of a pandemic if the object was to fight racism.

If that’s the reaction of Joe and Jane average to healthcare, what do you think the reaction is going to be to something far less important… Say, Netflix or Disney?

The Democrats draconian actions during the pandemic, particularly as regards schools is coming back to bite them.

So with their newly adopted kid, and the baby formula shortage created by Democrats, is Pete Buttigieg going to try to breastfeed the kid? Will this be the event that causes Democrats to figure out what a woman is?

I have said on this website for decades now, that the biggest possible motivation for voting Democrats out is the implementation of Democrat party policy. We are now living in the largest example of that truth that I can think of.