You won’t hear this on the mainstream media because it’s true. From the piece:

“But these leftists who jumped to blame Fox and Carlson did not bother to follow up on the facts in the case. A look at the accused killer’s extensive social media posts shows that he is not in any way conservative. Indeed, his manifesto did not mention Fox or Tucker at all.

In parts of the manifesto, he claimed he was an “authoritarian left-wing[er],” said he hated Christianity and also said he was interested in “green nationalism.”

Others also pointed out that the manifesto — to which Big Tech is now blocking access — had absolutely no ties to conservative thinking or Republican Party policies.”

You mean they tried to attribute the violence we saw in Buffalo yesterday to something that had nothing to do with the shooter’s motives?

No, it couldn’t be that the mainstream media has lied to us yet again. Couldn’t be that the long line of Democratic party leaders rushing to the microphones in Buffalo are simply trying to score political points for leftists, could it?

Yes, it could. And the fact of the matter is it’s usually that way. The bottom line is those deaths occurred yesterday because the shooter was supporting left-wing politics.

“An authoritarian left winger”.

“Green Matoonalism. ”

” Hates Christianity”.

His words, not mine.