The thoughts just keep coming.

+ I made mention of the fact the other day, that as soon as Justice Alito’s draft was leaked, presumably by a Democrat operative, that barricades were erected around the US Supreme Court building. Now, why do you suppose they did that?

Remember that the federal government is currently being run by the Democrat party. Does anyone truly believe that based on the news of Alito’s draft existing, that the place was going to be overrun by those to the right of center? No, I don’t think so either. It would appear that even the Democrats who are running things know from whence violence comes.

+ Charles Rose, one of the lawyers who worked in the Obama administration has made the point that Biden does not have the legal authority to cancel student debt. While that’s probably true, that was never the plan, anyway. The plan has always been to shift the burden to taxpayers. You know, the people who understood from the beginning that fine arts degrees and gender studies probably weren’t going to pay off and therefore didn’t take out the loans.

+ Over at Hot Air this morning, John Sexton makes note of a New York Times article which suggests that remote learning was a complete failure.

A failure-driven by Democrat party partisanship. I think we’ve discovered what happened to Captain obvious. He’s obviously an editor at the New York Times.