Let me start by pointing out that Amber Heard apparently considers herself a soldier in the cause of feminism. Then, too, so does Hillary Clinton. So, Amber has that going for her, which is nice. That, I believe, will give you a range of credibility which I assign all of this nonsense.

Hollywood stars and the hangers on have always been, shall we say, quirky. That’s why Hollywood scandal sheets exist.

In all honesty, I was never much interested in the Johnny Depp defamation case.

I considered it at the time (and still do) to be nothing more than yet another Hollywood distraction from the no holds barred disaster that our government has become in the hands of the Democrats.

And thus perhaps we might explain why the news media has jumped on that particular bandwagon with both feet, essentially usurping the role of the Hollywood scandal sheets.

Let’s face it, they have been forever protecting the Democrats from the consequences of their misdeeds. It’s not hard to reach the conclusion that this is one more case of that happening.

All that said, there is one point that I’m starting to hear openly questioned, and I think it’s a question that deserves some serious amplification. It’s actually one that I’ve been asking here for years, now.

Namely, how to quantify the damage being done by these self-proclaimed feminist foot soldiers to women who are truly in an abusive relationship? After watching this spectacle unfold, who is going to trust them?

While I hope that this is the last time we’ll hear of this case, I rather doubt it. They’re already talking about appealing the verdict.

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